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Why I am a Champion for this Cause

What did your parents teach you about money?

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up, my parents didn’t really teach me anything about how to have a productive relationship with money. We always had what we needed, but no one really explained how to handle living expenses, the difference between wants and needs, how to manage debt, and long-term goal planning. I spent the ages of 18 to 34 destroying my credit, just because I didn’t really know any better. I didn’t know what a savings habit was. I didn’t know how much of a barrier these attitudes would create in my life. I struggled through many of those years as a single parent with two children wondering if it ever got any easier… It finally did. I started working for Alternatives 6 years ago. Our Community Programs helped me take control of my finances and improved my ability to provide for my family’s needs.

Programs like MoneyWise helped me learn the skills I needed to create a spending plan for my family’s expenses. The instructors showed me how to read my credit report and gave me suggestions on how to improve my credit score. Our financial counseling program helped me develop a long term plan to pay off my debt with my tax returns each year. I took classes offered through the Business Cents program and used the Assets IDA to start a business doing hoop dance performance and making clothes, and next year my husband and I will be buying our home with the help of matching funds from our First Home Club IDA.

Alternatives Impact is the 501C3 that supports Community Programs at Alternatives Federal Credit Union. These programs give people the tools they need to transform their financial situation. As our country’s economic climate declines, the need for this kind of education and support grows exponentially.  These programs are fuel for positive change. You can help that change happen for yourself and for others.   The total campaign goal is $10,000–we are VERY fortunate to have an anonymous donor who will match our first $5,000 in gifts…an opportunity to double your impact!

Your contribution to Alternatives Impact directly supports Impact Community Programs that help our neighbors, strengthen our local economy, and lead to financial freedom for everyone.


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